Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maxis Om Nom Nom race – Restorant Satay Kajang Haji Samuri

A fan of satay Kajang but could bear travelling all the way to Kajang? Do you know that not only in Kajang has Satay Kajang? Do you believe that the taste of Kajang Satay could be found in the busy area of Uptown, Damansara?
Tahhdah! Haji Samuri Satay Kajang to the rescue!

This 2 story restaurant never ran out customer, during peak hours, you even need to queue for your seat!

This is the typical local food in local environment. Bring a guest from other country here and they might consider applying as a Perman
ent Resident just for this satay.

No one could resist the succulent satay meat dip in the gustatory peppery satay sauce. They serve beef, chicken, beef tripe, chicken liver and fish meat.
Complete your satay serving with fresh onion, cucumber and nasi impit!
Besides satay, Haji Samuri offers Malay delight; mee hailam, mee bandung, mee goreng, kue tiao sup, nasi ayam… *a never ending list*….

Here is the address for the location of your next satay stop,

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