Thursday, February 4, 2010 - - As Easy As Blink Blink

Are you a person that likes to fly?
Are you a person that likes to travel?
Are you a person bored of staying at your house?
Are you a person that lazy to queue?

Did you ever wish that
with a touch of hand
with a blink of eye,
You can
travel to anyplace and anywhere
YOU LIKE!!!!!??

Don't believe it??
Try watching this clip before you make
any decision....

Caution : this video contains non-nudity,
but only a bit of stupidity and lameness,
yea..i mean just a bit..

from Malaysia Airlines,
Right now you can
fly with the easy way..... makes booking flights so easy, and not to mention environmentally friendly with paperless check in. You could just access details like your flight status and latest deals available from the comfort of your mobile.

Isn’t it nice that booking air tickets and flying is so much easier now?

By The Way,
The most creative video highlighting how easy with will win

Grand Prize: 2X return tickets to Istanbul
1st runner up: 2X return tickets to Tokyo/Seoul
2nd runner up: 2X return tickets to any ASEAN destination

What are you waiting for???

Go check it out at

My dear
Tokyo or Seoul

IM COMING FOR U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
*Blink Blink*...


LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Good luck & all the best ya~!!!

Jansen said...

good job~ gd luck in winning da contest~ =)

bemusedyin said...

naisss. ur lameless kinda chun. =)

nicholexh said...

wow.. yeng!! blink blink~

ericlai2020 said...

lol....thx..thx.....hope so lor....aiks....finger crossed.....